Dara Gill curates MCA ARTBAR

Dara Gill (Team Mess, Next Wave Festival 2012) curates MCA’s monthly ARTBAR under the theme Futures. Exhibitions, music, design and live acts come together under the direction of a guest curator, transforming the MCA into a pulsating piece of performance art. Futures will feature performances, lectures and music by: Vaughan O’Connor & Ben X. Tan, Michaela Gleave, Josh Harle, 110%, Mark Brown, Eddie Sharp […]

Justin Shoulder for MCA ARTBAR

20102 alumnus Justin Shoulder and his Glitter Militia are getting high on drama and amped on camp for NIGHTCRAFT, his mystic underground club night for MCA ARTBAR. Also featuring 2014 Festival Artist Jackson Stacy, this queer gathering has serious political and spiritual potential. Witness and partake in club covens, runway witchuals and craft-werk, inhabit your alter identities. Bring […]