NW artists at Margaret Lawrence

NW artists Marcin Wojcik and Matthias Schack-Arnott feature as collaborators on Drew Pettifer’s immersive 3-channel video installation Mapping the interior: In search of an inland sea,  opening tonight at VCA’s Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Inspired by colonial explorer Charles Sturt’s ill-fated search for an inland-sea in Central Australia – four young men lug whaleboats through the […]

Alumni at BUS Projects

2012 NWF alumni Danae Valenza and Marcin Wojcik join a group of Melbourne artists for SOLUTIONS, a new exhibition at Bus Projects. Taking shared creativity as their MO, the artists make use of open methods and technologies to create reactionary and instructional pieces – a series of DIY art solutions. Incorporating video, sound, installation and performance, the works place restrictions […]