Out Of Earshot featuring Anna Seymour

Imagine listening with your eyes and using your heart, your hands and your instinct to voice your emotions. Imagine music transformed into physicality on a stage where the wildness and passion of bodies moving and colliding matches the rawness of explosive live drumming. KAGE seeks out unusual collaborations to create dance theatre which surprises and […]

Sydney Festival Picks

We’re gearing up for summer, which means parties, sunshine and one giant rubber duck… That’s right, it’s Sydney Festival time again! Transforming the bay-side city with three weeks of high quality programming. Packed with summer fun and artistic delights, Sydney Festival will host a heap of local and international artists, including a number of Next Wave alumni. […]

KAGE at fortyfivedownstairs

Vintage 2000 NW alumni Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck, better known as the co-founders of KAGE, are taking the stage this month to perform together for the first time in 8 years. Flesh and Bone explores gender roles in relationships, masculinity and femininity mixing and reversing. And who better to expose this ever-changing dynamic than long-time collaborating male/female duo Kate […]