NW Alumni in Primavera

Hossein Ghaemi (NWF 2012) and Sean Peoples and the Telepathy Project (NWF 2008 with Veronica Kent) are set to exhibit work as part of Primavera, the MCA’s annual exhibition of young Australian artists. This 2014 edition (the 23rd for those keeping count) is guest curated by artist Mikala Dwyer, who was one of four artists in the inaugural Primavera: The Belinda […]

Pegboard 27 Feb is out!

The Pegboard is here and it’s practically bursting at the seams with goodies! A huge readings section, some fantastic arts opportunities and all the openings on this weekend. Check out our latest New Grand Narrative Profile, submit your memories or become part of our Artist Hub! Check it out here!

Tiny Stadiums at PACT

The PACT Centre for Emerging Artists  Tiny Stadiums Festival is now in its 6th year and it’s stacked with Next Wave Alumni. Nat Abbott (NWF 2012, 2014) will be feeling the burn with Deep Flex, a highly physical, extra sensory episode of performance. This bendy stretchy interactive experience takes a bodybuilder, a dancer, loud music and live instructions to start […]