Alumni for Yirramboi Festival

Yirramboi First Nations Arts Festival is a citywide Blakout, gathering creative visionaries from across Victoria, Australia and around the world on the lands of the Kulin, Nairm. It’s a ten day feast of arts and cultural events that honours the visions of yesterday and dreams forward into tomorrow – and it features lots of Next Wave […]

Culture First: A Symposium at ACCA

Join Indigenous curators and writers Paola Balla, Hannah Donnelly (Next Wave Associate Producer), Léuli Eshraghi (2016) and Kimberley Moulton as they speak about their work and reflect upon specific models of decolonial art and curatorial practice. The conversation will consider history, theory and practice, and whether decolonisation is even the goal. Read more

Alumni for Digital Writers Festival

Alumna Jane Howard (Text Camp 2012) directs Digital Writers Festival 2016 – and there’s lots to love in her inaugural program, which can be attended from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Our picks include Writers in Residence alumna Honor Eastly in Talk Like Everyone’s Listening and The Internet We Miss, and Associate Producer/FEMPRE$$ DJ (SOVTRAX) extraordinnaire […]