Alumni for The Unconformity

The Unconformity (formerly Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival) is an arts festival inspired by a rare geological unconformity and the remarkable cultural paradoxes of Queenstown, a small mining community in Tasmania’s wild West Coast. Check out the work by Next Wave alumni, including: Pip Stafford (2008, 2016) in Flux, transforming an old limestone quarry into a meeting […]

The Piper at Syd Fest

Clare Britton (NWF2010), Halcyon MacLeod & Sam Routledge (NWF 2008) rework the classic tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin in The Piper, a unique theatrical journey for children and adults. Inspired by former Poet Laureate Ted Hughes’s stories for children, the Piper is a bear– a dancer with a rebel soul– and the Mayor is a political leader with an identity […]

Sydney Festival Picks

We’re gearing up for summer, which means parties, sunshine and one giant rubber duck… That’s right, it’s Sydney Festival time again! Transforming the bay-side city with three weeks of high quality programming. Packed with summer fun and artistic delights, Sydney Festival will host a heap of local and international artists, including a number of Next Wave alumni. […]