Nat Randall in i might blow up someday

See Next Wave Festival 2016 artist Nat Randall as she performs with Hissy Fit in i might blow up someday for FOLA. A collective episode of mass hysteria, i might blow up someday slides between choreography, sound and live video with headbanging intensity. Defiant, subversive and contagious, Hissy Fit’s surging multimedia spectacle remembers both the 19th-century’s […]

Dylan Sheridan in Crush

Next Wave Festival 2016 artist Dylan Sheridan joins forces with Sam Routledge for Crush at FOLA. Take your car to the carwash and give it a ritual cleansing for the android age. As the looming carwash robot goes about its work, tune in to a synchronised soundtrack from inside your vehicle, matched to the robot’s […]