Artist and alumna for ‘Polyphonic Social’

Polyphonic Social is an annual Liquid Architecture project with the proposition that artists think about polyphony in a vastly expanded way. This year’s edition, a two-day program held at Abbotsford Convent, features Kickstart Helix artist Rosie Isaac and alumna Danae Valenza (2012). Polyphonics have much artistic and social potential: to make difference audible, to ‘sound’ […]

Alumni at West Space Fundraiser

West Space are having their annual fundraiser this month and once again it’s a crazy good opportunity to snag a bargain artwork  from a wide selection of emerging and established Australian artists.  Including a stack of Next Wave alumni. You’ll also be supporting one of Australia’s oldest and most respected artist-led initiatives, helping raise the essential […]

Alumni in ACCA’s NEW14

ACCA’s annual commission exhibition of rising Australian artists, NEW opens this weekend and some of our lovely alumni are taking part. Danae Valenza and Charles Dennington ( both NWF 2012) join artists Kenny Pittock, Taree Mackenzie, Daniel McKewen,  Andrew Hazewinkel and Jelena Telecki at the invitation of guest curator Kyla McFarlane. Now in its 12th year, NEW presents some of the […]

Danae Valenza at Bus Projects

2012 NWF alumni Danae Valenza presents her new exhibition Sound Park at Bus Projects this month. The project observes the shared space in the creation and performance of music. Her work often involves musicians – creating situations where the audience are able to glimpse a momentary release of performativity (ahem, Hull from NWF 2012). Her work presents a contemporary focus on […]

Danae Valenza at Gertrude

Current JUMPster Danae Valenza presents alongside six other artists for Everyday Rebellions, a new exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary. Investigating the inherent rebellion in their chosen media, the artists highlight the agitated, activated and constantly moving nature of all things: Frozen ice will melt despite our urgings, light sensitive paper will always colour under daylight, and […]

Alumni at BUS Projects

2012 NWF alumni Danae Valenza and Marcin Wojcik join a group of Melbourne artists for SOLUTIONS, a new exhibition at Bus Projects. Taking shared creativity as their MO, the artists make use of open methods and technologies to create reactionary and instructional pieces – a series of DIY art solutions. Incorporating video, sound, installation and performance, the works place restrictions […]