SHTF is an exhibition by Guy Louden, Loren Kronemyer, and Next Wave 16 alumni Dan McCabe about preppers. Preppers are a subculture of people that prepare for the collapse of society. They collect specialised survival products, skills, and knowledge. Prepping is both a hobby and a world view. It has its own aesthetics, vocabulary, and consumer objects, […]

Here&Now17: New Photography featuring Dan McCabe

Photography is dying but is more alive than ever. Social media platforms and phone technology overwhelm modern life with photographic images in both public and private environments. Six Western Australian artists take us on a journey through the lens that examines the tension between saturation and expression in contemporary photography at The Lawrence Wilson Art […]

Dan McCabe, ‘Shadows on the hill’

After premiering at Next Wave Festival 2016, Dan McCabe’s Shadows on the hill will be a part of WA’s Disrupted – Festival of Ideas, running on Sat 30 Jul and Sun 31 Jul. This year’s theme is Subject to Change, and other participants include Next Wave Festival alumna, Loren Kronemyer (Pony Express), Waleed Aly, Dr Susan Carland, June […]

Next Wave at MPavilion

MPavilion! Next Wave! A union so suited. As part of their Consortium series, we’re hosting a conversation that brings together differing perspectives on the politics of place, from how we name places, to where and how we live in them. Finding points of intersection between luxury camping, Indigenous knowledge systems, culture clashes and suburban sprawl, this […]