Alumni in ACCA’s NEW14

ACCA’s annual commission exhibition of rising Australian artists, NEW opens this weekend and some of our lovely alumni are taking part. Danae Valenza and Charles Dennington ( both NWF 2012) join artists Kenny Pittock, Taree Mackenzie, Daniel McKewen,  Andrew Hazewinkel and Jelena Telecki at the invitation of guest curator Kyla McFarlane. Now in its 12th year, NEW presents some of the […]

Alumni at Sydney Contemporary

Sydney Contemporary is is Australia’s new international art fair presenting modern and contemporary artwork from over 80 Australian and international galleries. The works exhibited come from some of the most respected names in contemporary art, including some special NW alumni. Tully Arnot & Charles Dennington (NWF 2012) presented by Galerie POM POM will be a part of the festival’s installation program, their […]

Double, Time. Climb.

Charles Dennington (NWF 2012) returns to  Sydney’s Gallery Pompom with his latest solo exhibition Double, Time. Climb. Through portrait photography, Dennington reveals the face partially obscured in a pattern of shadows redefining  the form, suggesting a simultaneous present, and absent spacial facade. A number of the sculptures are also represented silhouetted on the walls as photograms. Image […]