Alumni in Electrofringe @ IRL

In our technology driven world, the distinction between virtual reality and real life has blurred. Electrofringe @ IRL is an interactive exhibition of experimental electronic art that re-imagines and responds to the connections between the virtual and the real, exploring artificial realities as they infiltrate our everyday lives, as well as re-purposing familiar real world objects […]

Deluge at Brisbane Festival

Conceived by Jeremy Neideck (NWF 2010), 대홍수 (daehongsu) Deluge is a new experimental dance project premiering at this year’s Brisbane Festival. The result of a long-term, transcultural collaboration between artists from Brisbane and Seoul, Deluge combines explosive choreography with dynamic amplified vocalisation to evoke the deep sorrow and sublime ecstasy that are hallmarks of Korean culture. Refreacted  through an Australian […]

Nathan Stoneham at Brisbane Powerhouse

2014 festival artist Nathan Stoneham brings a strange and beguiling travelling tavern to the Brisbane Powerhouse with 지하 Underground, a Korean speakeasy bursting with live music and magic storytelling. Drink the night away with the bar’s eccentric proprietor as his ragtag crew of musicians weave a timeless tale of love that transcends culture, language and […]