Deep Soulful Sweats, ‘Galaxy Stomp’

The Wheel of the Year rolls towards the spring equinox and alumni Deep Soulful Sweats (2014) roll into Brisbane for the first time, bringing their unique participatory performance experience to the Theatre Republic with Galaxy Stomp. The techno pagan goddesses of earth, air, water and fire will lead you on a journey of meaningful asanas across […]

Deluge at Brisbane Festival

Conceived by Jeremy Neideck (NWF 2010), 대홍수 (daehongsu) Deluge is a new experimental dance project premiering at this year’s Brisbane Festival. The result of a long-term, transcultural collaboration between artists from Brisbane and Seoul, Deluge combines explosive choreography with dynamic amplified vocalisation to evoke the deep sorrow and sublime ecstasy that are hallmarks of Korean culture. Refreacted  through an Australian […]

fifteen weaves into Brisbane Festival

  Liesel Zink’s fifteen, developed as part of Kickstart and presented at NWF 2012, will be weaving through a new audience in Brisbane this September. Featuring as part of Under the Radar at Brisbane Festival, fifteen brings fluid choreography to an Electronic Cigarette unusual stage – the space between commuters in rush hour pedestrian traffic. […]