Next Wave Podcasts

The 2014 Festival was full of exciting conversations, new provocations and stories from new perspectives. From our keynote initiative Blak Wave, to our highly popular Breakfast Club series at the Wheeler Centre; our free talks program covered everything from sexism, conservatism and critical theory to chaos, rebellion and climate change. If you missed out on any of it – never […]

Supper Club Live Scribes

Sweet tweeters we want YOU!  Next Wave is looking for some Live Scribes to help broadcast our Supper Club series at word recap of the whole shebang to publish  here on the Next Wave website alongside a podcast of the event. We’re looking for two Scribes for each event – Thursday 22 August and Thursday 29 August – so pick […]

Breakfast Club Podcast: Family

The theme for this week’s Breakfast Club at the Wheeler Centre was Nature Over Nuture? How does your family shape your relationship to art?  Our guest speakers Phuong Ngo, Steaphan Paton and Jo Case shared personal stories, struggles and questions to get the room talking. As usual with Breakfast Club, the conversation drifted into unexpected places covering everything from the politics […]

Breakfast Club Podcast: Media

Yesterday we kicked off the first of our four-part weekly Breakfast Club series at the Wheeler Centre with a sprawling discussion around how the shifting media landscape affects what we imagine led by provocateurs Giselle Stanborough, Matt Blackwood and Jessica Alice. To supplement the live events and bring our online audience into the conversation, we’ll be posting the […]

Breakfast Club June series

Breakfast Club is back this June! Following a highly successful series at the Wheeler Centre during our 2012 Festival, your early morning shot of artistic and intellectual insight is back. Every Wednesday morning for four weeks beginning in June we’ll explore issues that stimulate our artists and creative thinkers as they develop new work. We’re […]