DEBUT XII, curated by Xanthe Dobbie & Caitlin Patane

Curated by Next Wave artist, Xanthe Dobbie and her collaborator, Caitlin Patane, this year’s Debut XII at Blindside in Melbourne brings together a range of performative and interactive artworks from some of the most exciting and dynamic emerging local artists, and is a special feature of Blindside‘s 2016 exhibition program. Committed to fostering emerging artists, Blindside’s Debut […]

Kickstarter Claire Robertson at Blindside

In Opera & Art in Question, Kickstart artist Claire Robertson and Aliça Bryson-Haynes will train as opera singers over a six-month period. Where once artists underwent extensive and methodical training to master a specific medium, Robertson and Bryson-Haynes examine the conundrums, contradictions, revelations and pleasures of being masters of nothing. Setting themselves up for failure, the […]

Phuong Ngo at Blindside

Debut IX is the ninth installment of BLINDSIDE’s annual exhibition surveying the hottest talent of students graduating from Melbourne’s art schools. Opening this week, the exhibition features Kickstart 2013 artist Phuong Ngo along with Jessica Bruzzaniti, Eun Jin Choi, Danielle Hakim, Daniel Peter Petersen, Shireen Rawlins and Brigit Ryan. Debut IX delves into the minds of […]

NW Alumni at Blindside

  How do we define work done for a reward other than money? Where does work end and leisure begin? The Specialists examines how artistic labour operates for these female Melbourne-based artists and collectives including Next Wave Alumni TLR Collective’s Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris and Briony Galligan, Melissa Deerson and Katie Sfetkidis who have come together to […]