NW picks at FOLA

Hola FOLA! The Festival of Live Art hits Melbourne in March, with 17 category-busting days of performances, experiences and happenings. The program is cracking with NW alumni,from intimate one-on-ones to dazzling show-biz spectacles. Check out our picks below, happening all over Melbourne from the 14 – 30 March.

Amy Spiers (NWF 2008) and staff alumni Ashley Dyer choreograph crowd dispersal in Nothing To See Here, an intimate and physical performance of the techniques used by police to break up protests and unwanted public gatherings. More info

Tristan Meecham (NWF 2010) plays host on Game Show, one man’s desperate pursuit of fame and his personal sacrifice for a chance at the big time. Also produced by Aphids, 50 contestants compete live for the chance to win a grand showcase of prizes: Tristan’s very own possessions! More info

Is there something that maybe you just don’t know? Something  that you never understood on the news?  Malcolm Whittaker (NWF 2012) is here to help with Ignoramus Anonymous, his support group for the ignorant. Revel in all that you don’t know, and that you don’t know you don’t know. More info.

Sam Routledge (NWF 2008) & Martyn Coutts (NWF 2004, 2006, 2008) take you through their intricately crafted and highly detailed model township for I Think I Can. Choose a miniature figure, become a resident and join your new community. More info

Straddling performance, artist talk, installation and public meeting, Mish Grigor’s (NWF 2008, 2010) Man O Man begins with the question: What would we say, formally, on the last night of the patriarchy? The Arnott’s biscuits are laid out, the urn is bubbling. A speaker steps up to the lectern and the conversation begins. More info

And in what is sure to be a stand-out FOLA event, Antony Hamilton (NWF 2008), Ash Keating (MWF 2008), Bec Jensen & Sarah Aiken (NWF 2014) test their creative superpowers for one super-hot Live Art Dance Party, tightly curated and sure to make the room bounce.  Jump up to get down alongside smoking hot DJ’s and a stack of performances. Beware, there will be lasers. More info

There’s so much more to see and do across the FOLA program, so take a look over on their website here!