NW Melbourne Fringe Picks

It’s that time of year again and the Melbourne Fringe program is LIVE! This is the biggest Melbourne Fringe yet with over 400 shows in the lineup at more than 150 venues across the city. Intimidating huh. But never fear! We’ve got the Next Wave picks of the Melbourne Fringe to help you organise those schedules and maybe pop a few things into your Showlist.

Uncommon Places is Fringe’s Keynote project for 2014, featuring 10 site specific works in ten ‘in-between’ public spaces across Melbourne. Brienna Macnish (NWF 2014) will present a documentary audio work, commencing outside the McDonald’s at the southern end of Swanston Street, while Mark Pritchard (NWF 2012) will present a new installation at the North Melbourne Library. Other locations for works include the Melbourne City Baths and Cinema Nova.

The Last Tuesday Society presents The Youtube Comment Orchestra at the Malthouse, creating brand new works inspired by the deep dark subconscious of the Youtube comment section. The intrepid artists will sift through grammatically incorrect insults, avoiding trolls, finding the LOLS and perhaps even encountering unexpected pathos. Featuring performances by Zoey Dawson (NWF2014), Nicola Gunn, Mish Grigor, Grit Theatre, The List Operators (NWF 2010), Bron Batten (NWF 2010), Telia Nevile (NWF 2010) and Lara Thoms (NWF 2008).

New dance work POTENTIAL takes a look at the human heart to discover how the physical flesh, bone and blood in our veins corresponds to the emotional world of thought and feeling. Devised by Janine Proost (NWF 2014) and performed alongside Natalie Abbott (NWF 2012, 2014) and Rebecca Jensen (NWF 2012) POTENTIAL pulls apart ‘heartfelt’ cliches to examine our most vital organ. This is part of Speakeasy’s’ ripper season of Melbourne premieres at Fringe’s northside satellite hub Northcote Town Hall.

North Side Story puts a queer club twist on the American musical classic. Featuring some of Melbourne’s finest drag queens including James Welsby (NWF 2014) as Valerie Hex,  rival gangs the Heathers and the Boogers battle it out for turf. Amid the turmoil, a love story blossoms, but will it be enough to create peace between the gangs? Or will it ultimately end in tragedy? Probs… Through classics like America and I Feel Pretty. These girls are ready to rumble. All out, once and for all.

Youth dance company Yellow Wheel present I Came Here to Dance Once, a season of short contemporary dance works, choreographed by Joshua Lowe, Amber McCartney (NWF 2014), Jo Lloyd (NWF 2010, 2012, 2014) and Belle Frahn-Starkie. The works will be performed by Yellow Wheel’s company of 35 next generation dance artists.

Kraftwerk: Man Machine brings together three Melbourne-based visual artists whose work utilises variations on traditional craft disciplines. Bill Noonan (NWF 2012) joins John Brooks and Sophie Gearon to present new work that rejects the preconception that thinking and making at disconnected disciplines.

Bridget Balodis directs Angry Sexx, a sordid tale of independence, confusion and trying to forget. Cybelle and Catherine went out to reclaim the night. Three days later they’re home with a baggy of tic tacs, two broken teeth and a giant blue dildo called ‘Trevor’. 

There’s so much more to see in the program, so head to the Melbourne Fringe website to check it all out and maybe even take a punt on an unknown artist this year. Tis the season!

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