Not another plea for EOFY dollars

This is different. For one, dollars are not the only currency we trade in. Next Wave’s goodness is built on time, money, art, space and expertise, too. Plus: whatever you give, you’ll get something back (beyond tax deductions and warm fuzzies!).

Our festivals may only come up biennially but we work year-round to deliver exceptional opportunities for emerging artists and awesome experiences for you, our community. The Next Wave Collective is our overlapping community of artists, art lovers, volunteers, collectors, philanthropists and local businesses.

They are people like you, who pledge what they can to help Next Wave thrive. And in return, they have access to exclusive events like next month’s NWC Breakfast Club.

Curator Hijack
Wednesday 16 July 8-9am
Melbourne CBD cafe, exact location confirmed with RSVP

These days, everyone’s a curator. So how do the real ones keep up? Who’s really in charge of creating culture? In her final Breakfast Club as Artistic Director, Emily Sexton hosts a morning of curated conversation with guest speakers including ACMI Curator Ulanda Blair.

Breakfast and coffee provided.

To RSVP and pledge or renew your support, click here.

We’ll be rolling out more Next Wave Collective events like these throughout the year so even if you can’t make this one, pledge your support now and secure your place at the next one.