Estrogenesis by Embittered Swish, Next Wave 2018. Photo by Sarah Walker.

Next Wave Festival 2018

Next Wave Festival 2018 has come to an end.

The last month has been of stirring conversations, radical performances, illuminating exhibitions, joyful parties and rituals that defy categorisation.

Intestine in my eye by Rosie Isaac, Next Wave 2018. Photo by Sarah Walker.

Two years in the making, it is the culmination of the visions and hard work by the brave, ambitious, brilliant artists and all their collaborators who created the 31 projects we shared this year.

Bureau of Meteoranxiety by Alex Tate and Olivia Tartaglia, Next Wave 2018. Photo by Snehargho Ghosh

Each project is a vessel of ideas that will continue to be shared, reverberating and rippling out in through the conversations, dreams and memories of all who attended. It was equal parts meditative, affirming and alarming, reminding us that there is still much work to do to build the futures we can imagine.