Next Wave Festival 2018 artist intensive, 2017, photo by Greg Holland

Next Wave Festival 2018 artists revealed

After an incredible response to our national callout for our major co-commissioning project Next Wave x, we are thrilled to reveal the artists and curators who will take up these opportunities, presenting their works across national contexts with the support of some of Australia’s leading arts companies.

Next Wave is a place to push what art can be, where it takes place, and who will be watching. This festival will be no exception. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the artists, curators, writers and producers who will create Next Wave Festival 2018.

Mark May 2018 in your diary – you’re going to want to be here for this.

Alex Tate and Olivia Tartaglia (WA)
Amelia Winata (VIC)
Athena Thebus (NSW)
Azja Kulpińska and Timmah Ball (VIC)
Counterpilot (QLD)
Danielle Reynolds (VIC)
Ellen Davies and Alice Heyward (VIC)
Elyas Alavi (SA)
Embittered Swish (VIC/NSW)
Erin Fowler (SA)
Harrison Ritchie-Jones (VIC)
House of Vnholy (VIC)
James Nguyen (NSW)
Josh Muir and Adam Ridgeway (VIC)
Joshua Pether (WA)
Kerensa Diball and Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez (VIC)
Lady Producer Gang (ACT)
Luke Duncan King (VIC)
Rhen Soggee (SA)
Rosie Isaac (VIC)
Sancintya Simpson (QLD)
Sezzo Snot and Makeda Zucco (VIC)
Shireen Taweel (NSW)

Slown, Smallend & Son (VIC)
Taree Sansbury (NSW)
zin (NSW)
Zachary Pidd and Charles Purcell (VIC)
Zara Sigglekow (VIC)