NAIDOC Week | Blak Wave

NAIDOC Week 2017 is upon us. The annual celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields with an excellent calendar of events. Check what is planned for Melbourne on the Victoria NAIDOC site.

Blak Wave was the keynote initiative of Next Wave Festival 2014 and took its shape through seven new art projects, a rollicking talks series and a new publication exploring what’s personally, politically and artistically Next for Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Opening the conversation and deepening the debate, the Blak Wave free talks series asked contemporary artists and curators from across the country to explore the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, and artists.

Next Wave seeks to change the future of Australian art by empowering cultural and ability diversity across all our work. Blak Wave saw the beginning of a deeper representation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists across our Board, staff, curation and programming. We look forward to presenting new work around these themes at Next Wave Festival 2018.

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Blak Wave from Next Wave on Vimeo.