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Every day of the Festival at sunset

This is not a ticketed event

Set to the rhythm of the sun, we start by paying our respects to Country and Elders before setting off on our pilgrimage across the Festival. Each day of Next Wave, a new artist leads us through a new Ritual.

Next Wave Festival 2018 is a collection of opposing energies: revealing unfinished business, cause for celebration and forces to be reckoned with. At its heart is this daily gathering where simple gestures mend divides.

Say a prayer, share a cup of tea, burn, weave, dance, make offerings. Connect, strengthen, transform and reflect. Begin at Blak Dot Gallery at 5.31pm on Thu 3 May, and go from there.

Follow #nwritual each morning to discover the next location and artist.

Sunset Ritual Times
3 May 5:31pm
4 May 5:30pm
5 May 5:28pm
6 May 5:27pm
8 May 5:25pm
9 May 5:24pm
10 May 5:23pm
11 May 5:23pm
12 May 5:22pm
13 May 5:21pm
15 May 5:19pm
16 May 5:18pm
17 May 5:17pm
18 May 5:17pm
19 May 5:16pm
20 May 5:15pm