Tully Arnot curates MCA ARTBAR

2012 alumnus Tully Arnot curates the June MCA ARTBAR, exploring new possibilities for reality through the speculative and visionary worlds of artists, eccentrics and the occasional cyborg with Unreal!

Discover the utopia of the individual creative mind in this one-night-only art, music and performance event while drinking with friends – real and imaginary. Experience visual and aural manifestations by Chris Petro and Tim Dwyer, attend Christine Sun Kim’s silent opera exploring the limits of language through facial expression and sign language, take an audio tour with Gregory and Watts and see Charles Dennington’s unusual sculptural installation plus much more.

See and feel in a new way when Tully brings digital technologies, projections and DJs to augment your reality and make the intangible, tangible. Get ready to get Unreal!

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28 Jun 2013

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
140 George St Sydney NSW 2000