Renee Cosgrave at Kings ARI

2012 alumna Renee Cosgrave joins group exhibition A Necessary Evil at Kings ARI, featuring five artists that stage the process of creation as a kind of capturing, or trapping.

Bryan Spier, Noriko Nakamura, Merryn Lloyd, Dionisia Salas join Renee to manipulate colour, time, possibility, and culture – but their efforts are hindered by the dumb fact of matter. The physical material of their work forces the artists to compromise their presentation.

Resolution, weight, organisation and physical labor threaten the idea at the heart of each work, revealing a continuous negotiation between the artists, their materials and their concepts.

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21 Nov 2014 - 13 Dec 2014
Opening: Fri 21 Nov 5 - 8 pm
Gallery Hours: Wed to Sat, 12 - 6pm

Kings ARI
1/171 King Street Melbourne