NW Alumni at Campbelltown

NWF 2012 Alumni Abdul Abdullah, Justin Shoulder and Jodie Whelan are in the house at Campbelltown Arts Centre next month. This new exhibition, The Social will explore the practice and process of artists who celebrate, engage and cross-examine elements of popular culture within the context of performance, narrative, photo-media and video. Taking a fresh look at the relationship between contemporary art practice, social engagement and popular culture at a time when the distinction between high and low forms of culture is again being redrawn.

Artists: Abdul Abdullah, Liam Benson, Penelope Benton and Alexandra Clapham, Sarah Contos, Daniel McKewen, Justin Shoulder, Josephine Skinner, Christian Thompson, Emma Thomson, Jodie Whalen

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2 Feb 2013 - 10 Mar 2013

Campbelltown Arts Centre
Corner Queen and Broughton Streets, Campbelltown