NO SHOW on Tour

NO SHOW, the duo who brought us NWF 2012 hit Shotgun Wedding are heading to sunny Queensland to tour their Melbourne Fringe success The Séance. As its title suggests, The Séance is an intimate performance encounter for a circle of people who wish to make contact with the ghost of a dead celebrity. 

The Séance poignantly delves into the obsession with immortality that has ensnared a generation. Our generation. As the environmental, financial and cultural apocalypses loom closer, we want to know that there is a life after death. We’ll find the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast, or turn a celebrity overdose into an act of martyrdom. The Séance is a compelling and darkly funny dream of pop excess and the allure of self-destruction.

After an acclaimed premiere season at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2012, this immersive experience manifests at La Boite sparkling with shamanic incantations and abstract pop covers. Sixteen participants converge in an undisclosed location near La Boite, bringing with them an open mind, a willing body, and the desire to believe. Don’t miss out!

Tickets $22-26
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8 May 2013 - 25 May 2013

Secret Location (meet in La Boite foyer)
6-8 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059