Forever Transformed, curated by Georgie Meagher

Forever Transformed is the seventeenth incarnation of Gertrude Contemporary’s annual Octopus series and is the inaugural exhibition at our new home in Preston South.

Forever Transformed casts a critical eye to one of the most highly valued qualities of our time – resilience. Curator and Next Wave CEO Georgie Meagher has brought together works by Tony Albert, Rushdi Anwar, Sophie Cassar, Tabita Rezaire and Liz Linden to explore this concept.

As chaos, disruption and uncertainty reign, disaster preparedness is a growth industry. The system that can withstand the most pressure is the most valuable, and the ability to bounce back from crisis is your best asset. The ability to recover quickly and seamlessly adapt to change has been widely accepted as necessary for successful bodies, minds, systems and technologies. But this growing focus on resilience simultaneously enables and justifies ever-increasing demands on humans, political systems, economies and the environment.

Contrasting works which both embrace and reject this concept, the exhibition challenges the efficacy of quickly bouncing back and explores alternative frames of reference that encompass resistance, decolonisation, perseverance, subversion and optimism, asking who is this resilience for? Why should we bounce back and get over it?

Octopus is a unique program that offers leading curators from across Australia the opportunity to extend their professional practice, developing exhibitions that enhance curatorial and creative debate within Australia and internationally. The Octopus series is generously supported by Proclaim.

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28 Jul 2017 - 9 Sep 2017
Exhibition Launch: Friday 28 July, 6PM – 8PM

Gertrude Contemporary
21-31 High Street, Preston South