Colin Kinchela in Coranderrk

NWF14 artist Colin Kinchela joins the cast of Ilbijerri Theatre‘s Coranderrk alongside some of Australia’s best actors, including Coranderrk descendant and Blak Wave contributor Jack Charles.

Playing at the Northcote Town Hall, Coranderrk tells the story of a group of men and women of Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve who went head-to-head with the Aboriginal Protection Board, aiming to hold on to the land and self determined industry they had built for themselves on the only scrap of country left to them. Both great theatre and great history, Corranderrk revives the voices of those who fought for a better pact between the country’s oldest and newest inhabitants.

Bookings & More Info

15 Aug 2014 - 23 Aug 2014
8pm (Sunday 5pm)

Northcote Town Hall