Alumni for The Unconformity

The Unconformity (formerly Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival) is an arts festival inspired by a rare geological unconformity and the remarkable cultural paradoxes of Queenstown, a small mining community in Tasmania’s wild West Coast. Check out the work by Next Wave alumni, including:

Pip Stafford (2008, 2016) in Flux, transforming an old limestone quarry into a meeting place, cultural crucible, and experimental singing bowl.

Halcyon Macleod (2008) in Dark Water, an intimate performance that touches the geology of grief.

Matthias Schack-Arnott (2012, 2014) with Fault Traces, a new solo work that uses subsonic frequencies to trigger vibrational patterns on layers of percussive objects and strewn material.

Martyn Coutts (2004, 2006) and Dylan Sheridan (2014, 2016) with The Rumble, an opening procession that taps into all of the ingenuity, know-how and rugged good looks that is the spirit of the west coast.

Mish Grigor (2008, 2010) and Zoe Scoglio (2010, 2012) with We Are Mountain, a ceremonial collective digging and deep digestion of the landscape via a mountain of cake.

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14 Oct 2016 - 16 Oct 2016

Various venues
Queenstown, Tasmania