Alumni for Dance Massive

Now more than ever, it’s time to engage and connect, to question everything. Most importantly, it’s time to dance. Dance Massive offers you that possibility – a chance to rediscover your belief in the joyous and the extraordinary privilege of feeling alive.

Check our our top picks, all by Next Wave alumni!

Vanishing Point
Shian Law, Meat Market, 14-19 March
Both hybrid performance project and two-year experiment, Vanishing Point explores the ambiguity of authorship and the possibility of preservation in performance art. Dancer Shian Law (2014) employs a range of (un)orthodox strategies including documentary, archiving, fabrication and outright theft, to pose the question: “Whose show is this?” Read more

Lz Dunn, Arts House, 17-19 March
Using computer modelling, scientists identify three simple rules that enable the synchronised movement of bird flocks: separation, alignment and cohesion. Informed by flocking studies and queer ecology, Lz Dunn’s  (2012)Aeon is activated by silence, sound, civic responsibility and personal desire. Read more

Noise Quartet Meditation
Lilian Steiner, Dancehouse, 19-22 March
Investigating the power of tranquillity and its relationship to chaos, Lilian Steiner’s (2016) Noise Quartet Meditation examines the resonant harmony in the perpetual exchange between these two states. Read more

Tiny Slopes
Nat Cursio Co, Meat Market, 21-25 March
Tiny Slopes is about learning to skateboard. And about risk, failure, humility and little wins. A choreography of actions and problems, of fantasy and reality, Tiny Slopes explores director/choreographer Nat Cursio’s (2010) ongoing interest in vulnerability and resilience, and how we learn and change as we age. Read more

Deep Sea Dances
Rebecca Jensen, Meat Market, 22-26 March
A whale falls to the darkest depths. Once animal, now host, its carcass slowly decays, providing sustenance to alien ecosystems. Its matter is distributed through multiple pathways, intercepting in a spontaneous unfolding of divergent, yet equal, parts. Choreographer and dancer Rebecca Jensen (2014), along with a large ensemble of performers, attempts to reimagine systems and conditions required for change. Read more

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14 Mar 2017 - 26 Mar 2017

Melbourne, VIC