MEL& NYC at Mechanics: Export Happenings

Next Wave presents Export Happenings, an evening of re-performance from the stages and streets of 1960s and 70s New York, by artists Emile Zile, Angela Goh and The Band Presents.

Three performances will mine and reinterpret an era that upturned our understanding of what performance art is, where it can be shown and who can perform it.

In the spirit of do-it-yourself, artists and audiences are invited to intervene into the documents, archives and memories of pioneering art movements through Fluxus magazines, concerts and manifestos; video art; performance scores and instruction kits. Turn your minds on for an evening of ready-made performance; a tribute to the ghosts of a radical, rebellious and amusing era of performance history.

Tickets $15 here

MC’d by Nancy Black, writer, performance maker and Artistic Director of Black Hole Theatre.

Angela Goh – is an Australian dancer and choreographer who works in theatres, galleries, and telepathetic spaces. Her work often deals with tropes of femininity; the supernatural; and dance as both a form and as a force. Angela’s works have been presented in a multitude of formats across Australia, as well as in France, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, the UK, and South East Asia. Recent presentations include at Performance Space New York (PS122), the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Art, Next Wave Festival, Auto Italia UK, Performance Space’s Liveworks Festival, Festival of Live Art, and Campbelltown Arts Centre. She was recently awarded Best Artist in the 2017 FBi Sydney Music Art and Culture (SMAC) Awards.

Emile Zile – is an artist, filmmaker and performer. In the darkly comic and critical re-use and re-encoding of media broadcasts, communication protocols and online platforms his work reflects a distributed humanity, a yearning for transcendence and the limits of language. Building on a background of live and single-channel video, his work utilises site-specific performance, portraiture and filmmaking to capture the traces of humanity within an accelerating digital culture. Emile has performed and exhibited extensively locally and internationally, most recently at LIMA Amsterdam, ACMI Melbourne and Alaska Projects Sydney. In 2018 he commenced full-time practice-based doctoral research at Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT.

The Band Presents – are a performance collective from Melbourne comprising Sam George, Camila Galaz, Makiko Yamamato, Eric Demetriou, Travis John and Kalinda Vary. Follow the band presents on instagram: @thebandpresents

Image: Joan Logue in collaboration with the artists, 30 Second Spots New York, 1982. Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

11 Aug 2018
7pm - 10pm

Brunswick Mechanics Institute
270 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056