Esther Stewart and Valentino

So in case you missed it, the always excellent Esther Stewart (NWF 2012, 2014) has just returned from a visit to Paris. She made the trip in January to watch a group of perfectly symmetrical boys saunter down the runway wearing her art –  the culmination of a recent collaboration with fashion house Valentino. Casual.

From structural design elements, to colour, accessories and even the gosh darn runway, the Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 menswear collection drew inspiration from Esther’s sharp geometric paintings, specifically her 2013 exhibition Makin’ Plans. The collaboration process and resulting fashion show has been expertly covered by Crikey’s Daily Review, as well as in the Sydney Morning Herald and The New York Times, so click through for more juicy details on this collaboration.

A huge congratulations to Esther on such incredible work – we’ll just be quietly saving up till we can afford something from the collection… maybe the perfect winter coat, or bag, or pair of shoes