The Delta Project, ‘Under My Skin’, Next Wave Festival 2016. Photo: Sarah Walker

Celebrating Hearing Awareness Week

Next Wave is joining with the National Relay Service to celebrate the 2016 Hearing Awareness Week from 21–27 August. We’re excited to be involved in this great campaign that brings attention to the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Here are our top seven tips for getting involved this Hearing Awareness Week!

  1. Learn about the National Relay Service and make your workplace Relay Service Friendly!
  2. Get some facts about hearing impairment and deafness (fact: one in six Australians experience some level of hearing loss).
  3. Sign up for an Auslan class (we love Magic Hands in Melbourne, or Asphyxia’s online course)
  4. Refresh your general knowledge with Arts Access Victoria’s great resources.
  5. Have a read (and a think) about Deaf culture, ethics, privilege and art-making.
  6. Read up about captioning video content – it’s not as hard as you might think!
  7. Learn some basic Auslan signs through Signbank (nothing too cheeky, please!)

Finally, why not book some tickets to a show or visit an exhibition?

If you’re in Melbourne, try Jodee Mundy’s Imagined Touch, select a film in the Other Film Festival, see Anna Seymour’s (The Delta Project) Distraction Society at Melbourne Fringe, or Kate Disher-Quill’s Right Hear, Right Now at No Vacancy Gallery.