Breakfast Club Podcast: Media

Yesterday we kicked off the first of our four-part weekly Breakfast Club series at the Wheeler Centre with a sprawling discussion around how the shifting media landscape affects what we imagine led by provocateurs Giselle Stanborough, Matt Blackwood and Jessica Alice.

To supplement the live events and bring our online audience into the conversation, we’ll be posting the highlights from each Breakfast Club in Podcast form, right here, for your listening pleasure. We’re also enlisting Live Scribes to broadcast tidbits from each event live on twitter so follow #NWbclub and please let us know what you think.

So now, without further ado, here it is, our first ever Breakfast Club Podcast:

Live Scribe Summary by Thomas Wilson @thehomemaster
The crowd arrived early at the Wheeler Centre on what was a typically dreary Melbourne morning. Nonetheless, they were there to be invigorated at the first Next Wave Breakfast Club session of 2013. It was themed around how the shifting media landscape affects our imaginations, and soon the room was warm and buzzing with meaningful conversation. There were three guest speakers, and each initiated discussion around the tables with a brief musing and a provocative question. Giselle Stanborough, whose practice follows themes of identity, asked how we use the internet – or how it uses us. With her background in podcasts and poetry, Jessica Alice got tongues wagging about how we can embrace the spoken word as print seems to be dying. And Matt Blackwood, a master of locative literature, invited the audience to envisage the type of stories that mobile devices could tell. Each artist prompted immediate responses from the various groups, who either nodded in agreement or questioned each other pokies online game in the name of healthy debate. Once the crowd had had their fill of digital philosophising and free coffee, the speakers went backstage for a more personal elaboration.

Live Scribe Summary by Katia Nizic @andcutfilm
If you couldn’t make it along yesterday, Next Wave’s first in the 2013 Breakfast Club series served as the tipping point for discussion around the festival’s theme for 2014: New Grand Narrative.

The Wheeler Centre was transformed into a cosy, somewhat floral space where Next Wave festival director Emily Sexton and speakers Jessica Alice, Matt Blackwood, and Giselle Stanborough could reflect on their artistic practice and provoke new discussion around making art in this new media space.

How has it changed due to the innovations brought forward by social media and the sloping off of traditional media? What exciting possibilities do these new technologies hold and more to the point, given their widespread use and ready accessibility, just what can young artists dream up next?

Matt Blackwood’s provocation related to his own practice of location-based storytelling; “What are the types of stories we would like to experience on these mobile devices, in situ?”, which made me wonder immediately about music. What if there was an app that played you a song in a certain location, then told you the story of that song/place after? It could be a curation of sound and feeling: like having the soundtrack to someone else’s life played out around you.

Grand new ideas go well with yoghurt and coffee; more of that should be on the menu of everyday life. 

Join us next week for Nurture over nature? How does your family shape your relationship with art?