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Zak Pidd



Zachary Pidd and Charles Purcell are award-winning theatre-makers and actors based in Melbourne whose individual backgrounds are fundamental to their combined practice: Charles’ spans writing for performance, cultural studies and dramaturgy; Zak is a multi-instrumentalist whose investigation of sound underpins all of the work he makes. They met studying Theatre Practice at the VCA where they developed a shared collaborative devising process founded on non-hierarchical structures. Each of their collaborations to date have been driven by non-traditional dramaturgies, pastiches of disparate, multi-modal theatrical languages, and an investigation into the mutualistic relationship between chaos and structure in performance. Together they have collaborated as co-creators and performers on Smithereens (Frisk Festival, Melbourne Fringe), as performers together on Daniel Schlusser’s Schmaltz (Malthouse), and created work for The Last Tuesday Society and The Village Festival at Falls.