Pony Express

Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer

Pony Express create worlds to hand deliver intimate messages. Working across devised theatre, media and transdisciplinary art, the collective populates temporary spaces with constructed experiences that encourage discovery and reflection. For Next Wave 2016, Pony Express are creating Ecosexual Bathhouse, an immersive environment that plunges participants into a world of inter-species sexual signalling.

Pony Express is led by Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer.  The two met and began collaborating while participating in Proximity Festival 2013.  Ian Sinclair is a playwright and performance maker from Perth, Western Australia. His practice explores escapism, intimate and ambient theatre. Loren Kronemyer is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California. Her work encompasses science and art, focusing on ideas of interspecies communication and the manipulation of bodies in environments.