Embittered Swish

Embittered Swish is a performance art vehicle made up of artists: Romy Fox, Bobuq Sayed, Mick Klepner Roe, Mossy Pebbles, Krishna Istha and Cinnamon Templeton. They have worked with designers M’ck McKeague and Rare Candy. Their earlier work was focused on reformulating Jean Genet’s 1943 novel Our Lady of the Flowers to speak to contemporary trans realities. The project focused on the morally and sexually ambiguous—Genet moves and speaks in the  in-between; bodies overlap and change through desire; crimes and confessions are decaying glories. Embittered Swish is now turning away from Genet and towards other cultural texts, trans(formative) power dynamics and slippery mirrors. They have shown work at Performance Space-PACT (2016), Transgenre (2016), La Mama Courthouse (sell out season 2016), Archer magazine issue 7 launch (2016) and firstdraft gallery (2017).