Next Wave x Metro Arts

Counterpilot is a transmedia performance collective co-directed by Nathan Sibthorpe and Sandra Carluccio. Combining their individual practices in theatre and live art, Nathan and Sandra make interactive performance work that transforms the familiar, juxtaposing rich fictional worlds against a backdrop of the everyday. 

Between them, Nathan and Sandra have worked under the tutelage of some of the most iconic international transmedia companies, including Blast Theory, pvi Collective, One Step at a Time Like This, The Border Project, Sandpit, and Il Pixel Rosso. Counterpilot works with core collaborators including Software Designer Clinton Freeman, Sound Designer Mike Willmett, and Writer/Actor Toby Martin. 

Previous works include: This Is Capital City (La Boite Indie, 2013; Brisbane Powerhouse, 2015), Clarity In Transit (La Boite & Brisbane Airport Corporation, 2014), Spectate (Metro Arts, 2017).