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Welcome to the Artist Hub, our online database of Next Wave artists and alumni. The idea is to build a better way to profile and promote the incredible artists who make up our 30-year history, in one centralized location.

If you’re an artist or collective that’s been involved in a Next Wave Festival, please fill in the form below. Once it’s approved, we’ll use this info to set up your individual profile page and start promoting your work.

Any Next Wave News or Events relating to you will get collected on your profile page, and we can always change or update what’s on there. Have a look through our Artist Hub to see how it all works.

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch with Alex and she can help you out.

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Please upload images of your work here. We only need one image, but feel free to add up to 5. All images must be at least 700px (W) x 450px (H) and saved as either a JPG, PNG or GIF. The file size of each image must not exceed 1MB.

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