Alumni on ABC TV

Next Wave alumni are all over ABC TV (and iView) at the moment!

Former Artistic Director Marcus Westbury (2002-2006) is about to debut his new series, Bespoke. Over the last decade in Australia there’s been a huge growth in the handmade, the locally produced, the artisanal and the small scale. Is it a reaction against technology or the product of it? Alongside this series, Marcus is also about to release his new book Creating Citieswhich weaves a story of how identifying and fixing small scale failures in Newcastle led to a larger set of ideas with potential applications in cities and towns around the world.

Meanwhile, alumna Lally Katz (Next Wave Festival 2000) and her stage-to-screen adaptation Stories I Want To Tell You In Person is already screening, where Lally invites us into her world of unusual characters and the lifetime deal she made with her subconscious: writing over love.You can catch the first episode on iView here.