Alumni for Underbelly Arts

Underbelly Arts have announced their complete program, featuring a whole host of  NW artists and alumni amongst 100  of Australia’s most innovative practitioners across every discipline imaginable. The artists examine the place where technology and art intersect, where ghosts and projections from generations past might lead us, and how art unfolds around us as players, viewers and voyeurs.

Full list of NW Artists:

Creative Nonfiction (2013) Ghosts of Biloela

Abdul Abdullah (2012) Project Home 

Robin Hungerford (2012) Cloud Messiah  

Applespiel (2012) Stations of the Southern Cross

Amy Spiers (2010) Nothing To See Here

For two days in August, these artists take over Cockatoo Island, alongside industry and artist talks, special night time programming and interactive activities. Discover how the artists work within these non-traditional or re-imagined spaces and create their work in situ. Check out the full program, nab yourself some tickets, and spend a glorious weekend immersed in an incredible art adventure.

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