14 August – 7 September
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Alumni for Site is Set

Artist collective Field Theory (alumni Martyn Coutts, Sarah Rodigari, Willoh S. Weiland, Lara Thoms, Jackson Castiglione and Rebecca Burdon) have curated Site is Set – four weeks of performances that renounce theatres and galleries for venues like the exclusive Collingwood Masonic Lodge and Melbourne’s abandoned Astrojet space museum.

The program is stacked with NW alumni, presenting works that cross disciplines and explore themes as diverse as commerce, illusion, grief and science fiction.

EXPOSITION 14-17 August. Entry as part of Melbourne Art Fair.

This year, Jason Maling and Lara Thoms (NWF 2010, 2012) visited as many Melbourne expos as they could. Exposition is their own carefully crafted expo representing the breadth and depth of these niche events, from the psychic industry to the cosplay community. The performance is placed within Australia’s leading commercial art expo, The Melbourne Art Fair.

USE YOUR ILLUSION 21 – 24 August 8pm $20

Set in the depths of the Collingwood Masonic Lodge, Use Your Illusion by Bron Batten (NWF 2010,2012) draws on the mysterious atmosphere of this exclusive environment. The work is a collaboration with a qualified hypnotist who will place her and several audience participants under hypnosis live onstage.

MY BEST FRIEND 30 & 31 August 2pm Free

Inspired by the passing of his family’s long-time pet dog Winnie, My Best Friend is a performative walk through Edinburgh gardens led by artist Malcolm Whittaker  (NWF 2012) in memory of deceased and departed pet dogs of Melbourne.

ASTROJET 5 & 6 Septemper 7.30pm Meet Blindside gallery for bus to secret location. Tix $20

Astrojet is an after-dark performance by Zoe Meagher (NWF 2010, 2012) that commemorates Melbourne’s forgotten Astrojet Space Centre. Part bus tour, part disco-infused audio guide, the show takes audiences on an eerily familiar expedition to the building’s secret location.

Site Is Set is the first in a three-year program of performances in unexpected sites of Melbourne, check out the full program below.

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