Alumni for Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is one event happening on two sides of the globe simultaneously. Hosted by Arts House in Melbourne and Cambridge Junction in the UK, the program explores how artists, communities and audiences can create sustainable international creative experiences without getting on a plane. There are a stack of NW alumni involved and their projects are filled with exciting new technology, greenly goodness and great art.

Dan Koop and NW Resident Andy Field (both NWF 2012) have cooked up exciting site-specific work 360°, an app-led journey about connection, technology and site mapping. Guided by an astronomer and a tourist on opposite sides of the world, participants survey archetypal locations, investigating their local, natural and social worlds.

Alumna Willoh S Weiland (NWF 2008) alongside Julian Crotti and Fritz Hauser explore multiple possibilities for Armageddon in The Second Before. Taking place as an audio/video installation in  both Melbourne and Cambridge (including food to eat) The Second Before is a Last Supper consumed in the moments before the final catastrophe.

Transforming the balcony garden at the North Melbourne Town Hall, alumnus Tristan Meecham (NWF 2010) showcases everyday experts and ideas for The Everyday Imaginarium. From environmental wizards to local oracles and storytellers, each expert will set up shop to share their specific tangential knowledge and expertise with you. This town hall bazaar ignites local passions, values small ideas and trades on chats and storytelling.

The People’s Weather Report is a global response to the enormity of climate change, from a number of very personal perspectives. In an installation created by eco designer Tanja Beer in collaboration with Tristan Meecham, audiences can check out a 24 hour sound work of original ‘weather reports’, collected from participants located around the world. To submit your own report, email for full instructions.

You can check out the rest of the program on the Going Nowhere website, and dive into that greeny goodness.

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