Alumni for Dance Massive

Dance Massive is an initiative of Arts House, Malthouse, Dancehouse and Ausdance Victoria. It’s also a jam-packed 13 day celebration of dance presenting over 40 curated shows, events and activities, including 14 world premieres.

Dedicated to Australian makers, Dance Massive 2015 showcases an incredibly strong group of local choreographers and performers, including, of course, a smattering of Next Wave alumni. True to its name the program is indeed massive, with a range of workshops, networking opportunities and special events on the bill. Here are our picks.

OVERWORLD by Rebecca Jensen & Sarah Aiken
Conceived through the Kickstart program in 2013, OVERWORLD premiered at NWF 2014. Looking at online cultures and open-access environments, the work appropriates neo-paganism, yoga, death metal, online gaming, erotica and YouTube to investigate how we access and value information.

Maximum by Natalie Abbott
Presented at NWF 2014, Maximum is a duet between a female contemporary dancer and a male professional bodybuilder, in which the duo performs intense acts of physical endurance, working through bodily ability to achieve unity through exertion, performance and sweat.

MEETING by Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe
Pairing Hamilton’s unique physical grammar with Macindoe’s handmade instruments, MEETING presents a dynamic installation of dance and sound. The two performers share space with 64 robotic percussion instruments, releasing a stream of physical activity, carried by the meditative pulse of the machines.

Body of Work by Atlanta Eke
Body of Work analyses the ‘present’ as a loop, unfolding infinitely by rewriting the past and aiming at success in the future. As Eke performs in tandem with her recorded image, the work presents her as a cyborg blurring the lines between who choreographs and who is choreographed.

Dance Massive runs from 10 – 22 March 2015

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