Abdul Abdullah: The Bad Guy Documentary

Next Wave alumnus and art rockstar Abdul Abdullah is now the subject of his very own documentary Abdul Abdullah: The Bad Guy, a part of ABC Arts Art X *West. The series presents five short films about five West Australian artists, produced by young West Australian filmmakers.

In The Bad Guy, Abdul speaks of growing up as both seventh generation Australian and a Muslim in a post September 11 world. As his identity becomes increasingly policitcised, he feels an obligation to defend his Muslim heritage through his practice by shining a light on the nationalistic, sometimes fascist, behaviours of sectors of Australian community. Abdul says ” If people were to ask me, am I an Australian or am I a Muslim…I’m both, they’re not mutually exclusive”.

You can check out the documentary on the ABC Arts website alongside the rest of the the Art X* West series. There are some amazing stories that celebrate Western Australia’s creative talent and tell West Australian stories.

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